Ensure a World Class Education

As your Delegate, improving our education will be a top priority of mine. On City council, I have worked with teachers, parents, and stakeholders to improve our schools in Manassas and will continue to do so as your Delegate. 

If elected to serve you: 

  • I will work to keep more tax dollars in the classroom so that our children can receive the best education possible. By retaining great teachers and hiring additional teachers while lowering class sizes, we can work together in achieving better outcomes for our kids.
  • I’ll work to pass legislation that expands education options for our kids, keeps more money in the classroom, and gives our local school systems the flexibility they need to educate our kids best. 
  • I support a tuition freeze on colleges and universities while we work to bring down the overall cost of higher education, because Virginians should have the opportunity to pursue a degree regardless of their socioeconomic status. 
  • I will fight for policy that demands “Truth in Advertising” within higher education, so that prospective students are fully informed of the cost to pursue their degree and the average income level to expect once entering a specific field with their degree. 
  • I'll introduce legislation restoring "cost to compete" pay differential so our NOVA teachers make the income they deserve.

I will put our kids first in Richmond. Not every school is the same, neither are their specific needs, but that won’t stop me from working to ensure the best school for your child is the one closest to home.

Demand Reasonable Taxation

The tax burden facing North Virginia residents has only increased, making it difficult for small businesses to thrive and forcing families on fixed incomes out of the communities they’ve lived for generations. 

We can do better. Government, when managed correctly, can run efficiently and protect core services without making our area too expensive for fixed-income and middle class families. 

If elected to serve you:

  • I will work to cut taxes on Virginians and eliminate wasteful and unnecessary government spending.
  • I will lead our legislature in identifying ways to utilize technology to streamline services, consolidate unnecessary paper-work and maintain transparency among state agencies in order to save taxpayer dollars. 
  • I will bring policy to the governor’s desk that gives more autonomy for municipal government to use tax dollars at their discretion, giving communities more control over their own destiny. 
  • I will strive to identify innovative funding solutions to future projects in order to rely less on you and your family’s income to meet our state’s needs or wants. 

Take Action on Traffic

Traffic congestion is a growing crisis in our area and the expensive tolls are more than a headache for commuters, they are a huge burden. Every second we spend in traffic is a second spent away from our families and detracts from or quality of life, while costly tolls is an expense that disproportionately effects hardworking Virginians.

Our legislature continues to kick the can down the road. Whether it’s funding the widening of I-28 and Prince William County Parkway or building new infrastructure, our elected leaders can’t seem to work together. Manassas and Prince William County Commuters cannot afford to wait any longer. 

If elected to serve you:

  • I will work to bring legislators together to identify ways we can work to solve our traffic issues by reforming the state funding formula to fix our roads, not wasteful projects that don't ease congestion.
  • A priority on traffic and transportation requires a budget that reflects this commitment and I will make it a priority of mine on day one to ease traffic congestion on rt. 28.
  • I will Fight for more local autonomy over transportation dollars, which will allow us to make Rollins Ford Road and other local corridor’s safer and more prepared to handle increasing traffic. 
  • I will continue to oppose putting tolls on the prince William parkway and will fight to lower-or even eliminate- costly tolls on I-66 that should have never been put there in the first place.

I’m not going to Richmond with an agenda and I don’t plan to play politics; I’m dedicated to finding real solutions to our traffic problems and I am ready to take on the challenge for your family. 

Make Healthcare Accessible and Affordable

One of the most important issues impacting our quality of life is the growing cost of healthcare. With a growing population, our region is less able to meet the rising expectations for healthcare. Our reliance on the Federal Government, to provide the access and quality healthcare we expect, must be measured going forward.


If elected to serve you:

  • I will work with both parties in developing a compact with other states that allows regional insurance companies to sell across state lines, adding options to the marketplace and lowering costs.
  • I will support legislation that promotes “truth in advertising” so that consumers know how much they will be charged before they get the bill, and forcing different healthcare systems to compete with each other, lowering prices for all.
  • I will fight to expand micro-hospitals in Prince William County in order to save time for those who currently must travel longer distances than necessary for medical treatment. 
  • I will work with local stakeholders to ensure the proposed medical school at George Mason is built, ensuring expanded access to quality care in our area.

Our elected leaders can and should do more than stand by waiting for Washington DC to get its healthcare policies right. We must work together in finding ways to improve healthcare while lowering its financial burden. As your Delegate, I will do just that in the General Assembly. 

Criminal Justice Reform

We can support brave members of law enforcement, while also considering thoughtful reforms that give non-violent offenders a better shot at a second chance.

The rule of law is a vital component of democracy and one that I will always fight to protect; violent offenders must be dealt with clearly and effectively. Additionally, our response to non-violent crime, particularly first-time offenses, must be considered with the goal of reducing crime in the future, and go beyond simple punishment, but look to rehabilitation. Leaving non-violent, first time offenders without a second chance does nothing to reduce the likelihood that crime will be committed again.


Helping non-violent criminals to become self-sufficient and productive members of the community not only creates a safe environment, it reduces the recidivism rates saving taxpayers money, while improving lives.

If elected to serve you in Richmond:

  • I will vote to maintain strict sentencing and enforcement on violent criminals and drug dealers. If you harm another person, you should serve time. 
  • I will prioritize drug courts, treatment alternatives and diversion programs for non-violent offenders. 
  • I support Criminal Justice Reform centered on rehabilitation, in order to provide better outcomes for non-violent criminals and the communities in which they reside.
  • I will fight for safer working conditions in our jails and prisons. 
  • I will continue the work I started on the Manassas City Council: “banning the box” so past offenders will have a more level playing field when re-entering society.
  • I will continue to support body cameras for our law enforcement personnel so there is a clear record should conflicts arise.
  • I will continue to promote positive interaction between the citizens and law enforcement to encourage both in working together towards the common goal of making the 50th district the safest district for you and your family.